Maharshi Santsevi Paramhansa ji Maharaj’s last handwritten message :Picture in New Microsoft Word Document (2).doc

Life is short. Our body is mortal. Death is certain. We never know , when , where and in what manner it may come. When we have to left this body, our body will be burned on the funeral pyre in this world and in astral world, we, the soul will be burned in the fire of hell, so beware. Death will be very painful for one who does not do bhajan (satsang and meditation). That soul is beaten and looted by guards of hell. We have got this rare human body. Dont fall in the attractions of maya (illusion). Dont be in the illusion that the one  who does not do bhajan will get this human body again. ” Nahi aiso janam barambar….” [This human birth is not repeatative]– Guru Nanak Dev. “Baar baar nar deh nahi yeh veer re, chet sake to chet kahe kabir re” [O brave, this human body is not given again and again, If you can awake , then awake , tells kabir”. The ignorant people are aware and enthusiastic towards the work of this world, but are unaware and dull in doing bhajan. Just like wordly works are perfomed in light and not in darkness, similarly spiritual earnings are done in light not in darkness. Therefore, take yourself from darkness to light.